The Ontario Aikido Federation (O.A.F.) was founded in 1975 with the following aims:

  • to promote and develop Aikido in Ontario.
  • to encourage high technical standards and positive attitudes
    among Aikidoists in Ontario.
  • to promote contact among its members in a spirit of
    friendship and goodwill.
  • to encourage its members to explore and follow the teachings
    of the Founder, Ueshiba Morihei (O-Sensei),
  • to undertake educational and promotional Aikido activities in
    cooperation with and/or on behalf of the membership. (Such
    activities include where possible at least one annual seminar
    (training session) with an opportunity for kyu and dan testing.)
  • to communicate regularly with the Canadian Aikido Federation.

George Hewson Shihan

Yumi Nakamura Shihan

On behalf of all members of Ontario Aikido Federation we would like to congratulate Yumi Nakamura Sensei and George Hewson Sensei on their recent appointment as Shihans. With these two promotions they are joining Osamu Obata Shihan and Ishu Ishiyama Shihan as the four Canadian Aikido Federation Shihans.


Outside Toronto

Belleville - Quinte
Brampton - Shibumi
Chatham - Seikyoku
Guelph - U. of Guelph
Bracebridge - Muskoka
Markham - Seishinkai
Ottawa - Ottawa
Ottawa - Carleton Club
Sudbury - Sudbury Aikikai #1
Sudbury - Sudbury Aikikai #2

In Toronto

Don Mills - JCCC
Downtown - Tendokai
East - Shugyo
East York - Beaches
North York - Hokuryukai
North York - Kensankai