About Aikido

Aikido is a path of self-development. Created by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, (respectfully called O-Sensei by Aikidoka), it evolved from his many years of profound study in various martial disciplines. He sought to create a practice that encompassed the martial principles that he felt were essential to the healthy growth of the individual and the human community.

With its focus on personal progress, there is no competition in Aikido. Aikido is not a sport. The goal of Aikido is not to destroy an enemy, but to improve oneself.

Some thoughts on the unique nature of Aikido can be found on the Hombu Dojo web site.


Outside Toronto

Belleville - Quinte
Brampton - Shibumi
Chatham - Seikyoku
Guelph - U. of Guelph
Bracebridge - Muskoka
Markham - Seishinkai
Ottawa - Ottawa
Ottawa - Carleton Club
Sudbury - Sudbury Aikikai #1
Sudbury - Sudbury Aikikai #2

In Toronto

Don Mills - JCCC
Downtown - Tendokai
East - Shugyo
East York - Beaches
North York - Hokuryukai
North York - Kensankai