About the Ontario Aikido Federation

The Ontario Aikido Federation (O.A.F.) was founded in 1975 with the following aims:

  • to promote and develop Aikido in Ontario.
  • to encourage high technical standards and positive attitudes among Aikidoists in Ontario.
  • to promote contact among its members in a spirit of friendship and goodwill.
  • to encourage its members to explore and follow the teachings of the Founder, Ueshiba Morihei (O-Sensei),
  • to undertake educational and promotional Aikido activities in cooperation with and/or on behalf of the membership. (Such activities include where possible at least one annual seminar (training session) with an opportunity for kyu and dan testing.)
  • to communicate regularly with the Canadian Aikido Federation.

The OAF follows the Aikido of the Founder, Ueshiba Morihei (O-Sensei), and derives its inspiration from Hombu Dojo and the Aikikai Foundation whose headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan.

The OAF is the sole representative for Ontario to the Canadian Aikido Federation. The OAF presents and explains the collective opinions of Ontario aikidoists as determined by consensus or vote.

The OAF holds annual elections. The members of the current executive board are:

President: Adrian Iliescu (JCCC dojo)
Vice-president/CAF Rep.: Tyna Desjardins (Sudbury Aikikai)
Treasurer/Secretary: Tom Lindsey (Aikido Hokuryukai)
Member At Large: Gary Drummond
Past President: Peter Gelberger (Shibumi Aikikai)

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Outside Toronto

Belleville - Quinte
Brampton - Shibumi
Chatham - Seikyoku
Guelph - U. of Guelph
Bracebridge - Muskoka
Markham - Seishinkai
Ottawa - Ottawa
Ottawa - Carleton Club
Sudbury - Sudbury Aikikai #1
Sudbury - Sudbury Aikikai #2

In Toronto

Don Mills - JCCC
Downtown - Tendokai
East - Shugyo
East York - Beaches
North York - Hokuryukai
North York - Kensankai